Five Things Teachers Can Do to Improve Learning for ELLs


Though just a language and not a measure of knowledge or intelligence, English has become an important part of the education system and communication. English is the most spoken and communicated language, hence for anyone wanting to communicate with the rest of the world, learning English is necessary. For students who take English as their second language, it is important to learn proper English that will help them to understand literature when write my paper, sciences, and other subjects relatively easily and will also help them to communicate professionally.


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English might seem easy for those who already have learned it, but for students from regions where English is not very common, learning it can be very intimidating. The very first reason that English as a language can be so intimidating is that English is vast and has a lot of different tones, slang, and variations. The main two variants of English are British English and American English, and depending on where the student is, each of these two variants can have a lot more sub-variants, for example, in British English, Scotland has their own pronunciations and tone and in American English, Texas has its own different variant, hence, it is necessary that a student must follow these following points to get started.

The very first decision for a student to make is to choose a variant of English, and it is easy, all that is to be done is to analyze which part of the world they will be in or communicate to, and choose that variant. Once the variant is decided, the next step is to start learning basic sentence structures and vocabulary. The third step is one of the most difficult steps for a student learning English as a secondary language is to learn English expressions and rhetoric. Speech is also a very good source to learn rhetoric and expressions, hence in addition to listening to famous speeches, it is also very helpful to hire a professional essay writer to write a speech for you, and then you should practice it.   

Learning English expressions and rhetoric makes all the difference in learning the English language. Without learning expressions and rhetoric, a person can only speak basic English, even if they have excellent vocabulary and impeccable sentence structure.

Rhetoric is the art of being persuasive and expressions are compact structures with clear and concise messages. Learning expressions and rhetoric allow an ESL student to convince the audience easily, sound more like native speakers and attain the required confidence. Learning Rhetoric and expressions might be difficult, but not impossible. There are a few steps and tricks for paper writing service to learning rhetoric and expressions relatively easily.

The very first step is to read. Reading books, especially those written by famous writers, such as John Grisham, Sidney Sheldon, Hemmingway, Dickens, Oswell, and many more, can really help a person to learn rhetoric and expressions.

All these writers and more, successfully convinced the world with their writings, hence reading and analyzing their books and writing styles is an excellent way of firsthand experiencing the power of rhetoric. For ESL students, these books are also a good source of vocabulary; especially the writers from the 18th or 19th centuries have written their books in extremely formal ways, using a formal tone and uncommon words. Reading these books with a dictionary at hand will really help one to evolve.

For example, if one wants to learn good writing skills, and hires “write my essay” service for the purpose, it is crucial that they should write an essay themselves. For example, if one wants an essay to be written on the topic of mockingbirds from online services, they should first write an essay on mockingbirds themselves, and then compare the essay provided by the professionals and see the difference.


Reading is an excellent form of learning, and it does not only involve informative books, but also fictitious novels. Reading novels of writers like John Grisham is an excellent source of learning expressions and rhetoric, and not only because Grisham successfully convinced his readers, but because his novels are close to real life. Unlike J.K Rowling or George R.R martin who wrote extremely successful, but superstitious novels, Grisham wrote novels that are actually plausible. Since rhetoric is the art of convincing the audience, learning about the routines, and normal daily life of the natives, the also helps build up a good sense of rhetoric, and Grisham’s novels can help you with it. These novels can also help one learn English expressions, because these novels are so close to life, and depict conversation among native English speakers, the expressions are a common occurrence.

Watching T.V series can be beneficial for the same reasons. Seasons like F.R.I.E.N.D.S or office or How I met your mother or The Big Bang theory depict the normal life of native Americans and their daily routines and communication. Watching these series can be beneficial because one will learn common expressions and will know the daily life or history of natives. Learning about daily routines and history is very important to learn rhetoric because, when it comes to convincing the native audience, having the know-how of what is deemed as normal can be a very helpful convincing agent.

Using essay writing service can be a very helpful tool. Good essay writing services have knowledgeable experts in their fields, hence if you find reading books and watching series and seasons unrelatable, the best practice is to hire these services. Although, there is a trick to learning from such services, and it is to compare your work with theirs.


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